Galaxy hydro 300w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plant Flowering

Full Spectrum 300w LED Grow Light

If you are growing plants indoors, you will need a quality LED grow lighting system because the quality of your growing light will determine to a greater extent how well your plant will grow. But LED grow lights are expensive. If you are on budget and you need a good LED light for growing plants indoors, Galaxyhydro™  Full Spectrum 300w LED Grow Light may be what you are looking for. Though the product is affordable, it delivers good results like some other high end products. Besides, it is a full spectrum LED offering more red and blue light which are suitable for flowering and plant growing. Read on to know more about this product.


The first point to mention is that this product is created by a reliable and reputable company, GalaxyhdroTM known for the production of quality LED lights that combine functionality and durability. Galaxyhydro™ Dimmable Full Spectrum 300w LED Grow Light is an embodiment of the features, impressive performance and durability for which the brand is known for. If you  looking for environmental-friendly LED grow light that delivers high bright light, then you should consider buying this product. Just like some other models of this brand, it makes of use of epileds of 3 wattage which ensure the par value of the lighting system. With its low energy consumption rate and low heat emission, it preserves the atmosphere from decay.

Galaxyhydro™  Full Spectrum 300w LED Grow Light offers enhanced light environment for cannabis throughout their growth stages. Though, it is a full spectrum light that consists of 9 bands, it delivers the best ratio of blue ray as well as red ray which are required for better growth and flowering of plant. The nine bands are UV 380~400nm, IR (730nm), 470nm, 430~440nm, 650~660nm, 430~440nm, 610~615, 450~460nm, white, and 620~630. With such a light, your plants will definitely grow well and give maximum output of plants. The spectrum also includes ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR). These rays perform important function which enhance growth and yield. They do not only enhance sterilization, they also enhance cell division and increase yield. However, as it is the case with other models of this brand, the lIR and UV lights produced by the product is not brighter than the light generated by other LEDs. This has nothing to do with quality problem but a normal happening.

300w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

Are you easily irritated by noisy environment and you want a LED grow light system that does not generate any noise? Do you want a LED light system that does not get heated up easily? If the answer to the above question is yes, then you should consider using this product for growing your indoor plant. The panel has an anti-noise feature and thus, it does not generate any noise when it is functioning. For enhanced cooling, it is equipped with UL approved fans with top rated IC. The blades of the fans are strongly and professionally designed. The fans operate finely ensuring that the heat generated dissipates as quickly as possible. In this way, your plant will not be subjected to high temperature. You will have a rest of mind that high heat will not kill your plant. Besides, the product is made with revolutionary heat aluminum PCB which operate 80 percent cooler than HID (high intensity discharge) lights.

As with some other products of this brand, this product is able to continue working even when one LED is not working. The zener feature it comes with makes this possible. This feature operates as a capacitor which offers protection to the unit making it possible for the lights to continue shinning even when one of the 23 LEDs is ineffective.

If ease-of-use is a feature that you cherish so much, this product will offer that to you. It is created out of many years of experience. Thus, its imperfections as reported by consumers have been taken care of. It comes with one switch. But in case you have a need for multiple light panel, you don’t have to buy extra switch and get your wall cluttered with switch. The package includes two plugs (daisy-chain connection) where you can get all panels connected to one switch.

The product comes with 2 years of warranty. At least for the first two years of usage, you will have a rest of mind that you will not be spending money again on light. Should anything happens to the light within this time period, you are covered by a two year warranty. In order to keep the product functioning very well, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. It does not require maintenance and it is hassle free to use. Besides, the panel does not require any ballasts or bulbs.

Galaxyhydro™ Dimmable Full Spectrum 300w LED Grow Light  is designed for growing of plants indoors and thus should not be used in an outdoor environment. Note that it is not weatherproof and will spoil if you expose it to elements of weather especially water. It has mixed viewing angle of 90 and 120 degrees with 50/60 HZ frequency and worldwide voltage of AC85~265V. It has a product dimension of 15.8×8.3×2.4 inches for a lighting area of 1m/52.78, 2m/133.04, 1.5m/78.5. There is no doubt that you will not like to spend much on energy while growing inside. This product as mentioned before is highly energy efficient. The 10 x 3W products deliver bright light which a consumer equates with that of a flashlight. With good bright light, you will get a better yield from the product.

Durability is another quality in this product that gives it an edge over some other product. Even though its lifespan is not the best in the market but for its price, a 50,000 hour lifespan is fine. This means that if you want to grow for many years, you will be able to make use of this product. If you buy it, you have solved your light need for many years as you will not have any other need for light.

In conclusion

Galaxy hydro™ Full Spectrum 300w LED Grow Light  for Indoor Plant Flowering is an option for growers that prefer eco-friendly products. It has impressive durability and strong design. Backed with a 2 year warranty, you are sure of using the light for many years without spending money on maintenance. It generates less heat but its fan dissipates it immediately making it to remain cool throughout. If you are on budget, you should consider buying this product.

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