Exterior Recessed Lighting: Pros and Cons of Exterior Recessed Lights

Exterior Recessed Lighting

If you want to create a subtle, beautiful accent to any area around your home, look no further than installing exterior recessed lighting. This type of lighting is a great, eco-friendly way to set a mood that simply cannot be matched by using normal halogen outdoor flood lights or other light fixtures. There are several disadvantages to using recessed lighting fixtures as well, but they are easily outgunned by the advantages.

Advantages of Outdoor Recessed Lighting

There are several different advantages to incorporating exterior recessed lighting into your garden lighting plan. First, recessed lights are more eco-friendly than other more traditional flood lights. They cause much less light pollution around your neighborhood and don’t as readily disrupt the life cycles of birds, bugs, and other animals. They are also clean and unobtrusive, and don’t draw too much attention to themselves. This allows you to set a nice mood with ambient light while still enjoying the best aspects of the night.

By removing the actual light fixtures itself using recessed lighting eliminates a trip hazard for yourself and your family. It also can make mowing and upkeep of your garden and lawn easier by removing a light fixture that you have to mow around with more traditional lighting methods. Finally, recessed lighting fixtures can be used in huge amount of different settings and will work great.

Disadvantages to Outside Recessed Lighting

Despite all its advantages, there are a couple disadvantages to using recessed lighting as well. The first is that recessed lighting can be incredibly difficult to install. You must make sure to carefully draw up a plan and install your lights accordingly. Unlike spiked garden lights, recessed lights are incredibly difficult and time consuming to move, and that’s if they can be moved at all. You also much deal with running hidden wires and hooking them into your home’s electrical system. So when you’re thinking about installing recessed lighting, make sure that you put the proper amount of time and work into planning out the locations of the lights.

Since they lie flush with your ground, recessed lighting fixtures can also end up covered by leaves and other debris fairly easily compared to conventional fixtures like lanterns. The can also end up with condensation on the inside and need to be installed in areas where there won’t be flooding, or else the lights will quit working very quickly. Finally, there tends to be limited angles to which you can aim the light bulbs, limiting your freedom to move the direction of the light.

No matter what your landscape looks like, it can be benefitted by the use of exterior recessed lighting. The lights may take a bit longer to install and plan out, but they pay dividends by allowing you to create an unique atmosphere can can’t be recreated with more conventional and easy to install lighting fixtures.


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