Quality Solar Spot Lights for Your Home

Outdoor solar spot lights are some of the most affordable, useful, and easy to install lighting fixtures that you can install around your home. While not only solar landscape spot lights are created the same and to a degree you get what you paid for, if you spend the little bit of extra money now, you’ll get a light with a higher quality solar panel, longer lasting battery and brighter LED that you can find in any bargain bin at a big box store. The lights listed at the left are all very high quality, but by purchasing them online, you’ll not only get a great, bright, reliable light, you’ll also save a boatload of money!

Picking Out Your Ideal Solar Spot Lights

The type of solar powered spot light that you want to buy will depend on how you want to use it. Some of the more creative ways of using a garden spotlights include:

  1. Solar Deck Lights: A solar spot light worksto bring out the hidden character and elegance of your deck during the evening hours.
  2. Solar Walkway LightsAccording to Solar Equipment World, while you need relatively small fixtures to make this work, using solar lights as past lights can create some pretty amazing effects. You can use these lights as outdoor step lighting as well in much the same way.
  3. Accent Lighting:Use your spotlighting to highlight interesting structures in your landscape. These lights can be placed anywhere and will be used mostly for up lighting. Trees, ponds, walls, and many other fixtures make excellent targets for accent lighting with solar spotlights. Some of the best lights for this are garden rock lights because they let you hide the light fixture in a natural looking object, keeping all the attention on the feature that is lit.
  4. Security Lighting:One of the most popular uses for spotlights and other motion sensor outdoor lighting is as security lighting. You house is much less likely to get robbed if it is well lit, and with solar powered lights, you won’t have to worry about electricity bills if you leave your lights on all night as protection.
  5. Task Lighting:Finally, spotlights work amazingly well with task lighting as well. With these lights you’ll never have to know if the burgers you are cooking are well done or rare again!

Think about what you want to use your outdoor solar spot lights for because this will determine what type of lights that you want to buy. If you want just to have a little extra light on some paths or maybe ambient lighting on a deck or patio, you won’t need high powered lights and almost any light will do the trick.

However, if you plan on using your solar spotlight for tasks or for security lighting, you are going to want lights that you can count on and are bright. Don’t try to cut corners on these lights. Buy them from a reputable manufacturer because they will contain better solar panels that will convert more sunlight into energy, their batteries will be bigger and more powerful, and the entire fixture will be made of more durable parts.

One thing that you should pay attention to no matter what type of lights you plan on buying is the amount of LEDs (this can also be measured in lumen or lux). The more LEDs, the brighter the light will be. For security lighting, you should be looking at fixtures that have at least 18 LED lights and a large solar panel like this highly recommended 15 LED security light from Amazon, pictured on the left. Lights for accent lighting or other purposes where you don’t need it to be very bright should have less LEDs in them.

Solar spot lights are easy to install, affordable, and form an integral part of your outdoor landscape lighting scheme. You can pay large amounts of money buying quality lights at brick and motor stores, or you can shop for the same lights in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the price online. These lights below are some of the highest rated quality lights that can be found for rock bottom prices at Amazon – where you might even qualify for free shipping!

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