What Is A Lighting Pendant?

The lighting pendant is one of the most versatile lighting fixtures in the lighting family. A pendant light elegantly drops from the ceiling, very much like an exquisite pendant necklace hangs around the neck. Typically, a hanging pendant light is a lone lighting fixture that is suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. However, the lighting pendant family is a diverse family. Continue reading this article from Home Lighting Advice to familiarize yourself with the different members of the lighting pendant family: the inverted pendant light, conventional pendant light, and the island pendant light.

Inverted Pendant Light

Also known as the bowl-shaped pendant, the inverted pendant light features a glass that opens up to the ceiling. This means that the light is directed upwards. The light that the inverted pendant light radiates is more diffused, perfect for a glare-free ambient lighting.

Lighting Pendant

Conventional Pendant Light

Also known as the down light pendant, the conventional pendant light features a glass that opens down to the floor. This means that the light it emits is directed downwards. This lighting fixture delivers a more concentrated light, perfect for task lighting and accent lighting.

Island Pendant Light

An island pendant light is a longer lighting fixture that uses a long fluorescent light or multiple bulbs, or it can be an arrangement of multiple pendant lights in a line or a track to create a richer ambient lighting. This is used to bring attention to a particular space or room in the home, or to create an easy transition from one area to another.

Aside from these three types of lighting pendant, this light fixture comes in various sizes, designs, styles, finishes, and materials. With the large selection of pendant lights, you will surely find something that will match your home interior design and will convey your unique taste and style. No matter if it is an inverted, conventional, or island pendant, the lighting pendant is the “jewel” of the entire lighting family. With this light fixture, you have an exquisite accent that enhances the appeal of your home, while meeting your specific needs for everyday lighting.

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