Contemporary Style Home Lighting

Contemporary Style Home Lighting

Every homeowner has heard the words ‘contemporary style’ in relation to home decor. But what exactly does that mean? What is contemporary style, and do you have it—do you want it? What makes a lighting style contemporary? Is it the colors, the shape, or the inspiration? What are the different ways of lighting a home in a contemporary manner? In this article Home Lighting Design explores these questions, and offers ideas on how to integrate contemporary style into your interior and exterior design.

Contemporary style is clean, simple and offers an uncluttered look. Individual pieces of furniture and lighting fixtures are essential to contemporary style. Lighting fixtures are installed to highlight specific elements or pieces like paintings, photographs, sculptures or furniture. All types of fixtures, including indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, can be used to enhance the overall contemporary appearance of your home. Sleek, chic, simple, and tastefully elegant are the hallmarks of contemporary design.

A lighting style is contemporary when it features certain aspects of architectural design while offering ambient light to enfold the room or outdoor space. Enhanced by straight lines and sharp angles, the forms of contemporary lighting fixtures collect inspiration from many different areas of life. From history to emotions, contemporary style lighting re-imagines and imbues these into home decor. Colors of contemporary lighting fixtures vary, and can range from the color and intensity of the bulb to the finish coating the piece. Contemporary colors include soft blacks and bright whites, silvers and chromes, and even encompass the rich hues of nature.

There are many options of home lighting fixtures available to the homeowner with a zeal for the contemporary. Often, homeowners turn to track lighting as a quick and easy alternative to traditional light fixtures as they are a clear break from the past. Though track lighting offers the easiest way to spotlight a design element, it is frequently unattractive, and lacks the allure of conventional lighting. Lighting pendants offer the design and charm of traditional methods; yet retain their contemporary edge. Ideal as a kitchen island light or over a breakfast table, lighting pendants are great options for whatever contemporary design scheme you have in mind. Wall sconce lighting is the perfect contemporary lighting treatment, while also serving decorative purposes. Mounting wall sconces on either side of the bedroom door, or in hallways is the ideal way to add a little sparkle to dark corners. Rather versatile, wall sconce lighting can also be employed to add accent and ambient lighting in any room of the house.

The contemporary style of light design adds panache and style to a tired room, while encompassing new ideas of aesthetics and function. Geometric shapes, lines, and curves are all features of the contemporary lighting style; features which enhance architecture and furniture. Whether exploring their uses inside or outside your home, the contemporary style is sure to offer homes new breath.

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